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Comment: One Electorial College Elector Refused to Vote Unanimously

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One Electorial College Elector Refused to Vote Unanimously

Just 'cause. Just 'cause what an Electorial College delegate votes ain't right, it ain't necessarily wrong teither. Electorial College ain't making proclamations.

One Electorial College Elector Refused to allow unanimous Electorieal College vote for any buy the esteemed President George Washington on the grounds that Mr Washington was not a man who would be King. And none that follow Mr Washington should be king.
----------------Electorial College Unbound Electors------------

The best-laid defenses ...

So much for the charges against the electoral college. The arguments in favor of the electoral college are a bit more intricate. Here's a quick list of the favorite defenses -- and the counterarguments that undo them.

1820 - William Plummer, Sr. (Democratic-Republican, New Hampshire)

William Plummer, Sr. was pledged to vote for Democratic-Republican candidate James Monroe. Instead, he cast his vote for John Quincy Adams, also of the Democratic-Republican Party.

Adams was not a candidate in the 1820 election. Supposedly, Plummer did not feel that the Electoral College should unanimously elect any President other than George Washington.

Other than three Electors who did not cast votes, Plummer’s vote for Adams was the only vote not cast for Monroe.

The founding fathers... Advocates of the electoral college often appeal to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers -- after all, they set up the system, presumably they had something just and wise in mind, right? Wrong. History shows that the framers whipped up the electoral college system in a hurry, with little discussion and less debate. Whatever wisdom the Founding Fathers had, they sure didn't use it to design presidential elections. At the time, most of the framers were weary after a summer's worth of bickering, and figured that George Washington would be president no matter what, so it wasn't a pressing issue....

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