Comment: The problem I have with ideas

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The problem I have with ideas

The problem I have with ideas such as this or the one talking about having people sign their names that they voted for Dr. Paul, is this: suppose there is an election in an area with 8000 voters, and we utilize either the camera method which you brought forth or the signing method which someone else has brought up. Now suppose that after the votes are counted the results are 2000 for Dr. Paul and 6000 for Mittens. All of a sudden RP supporters are screaming from the rafters about election fraud, and stating that they have incontrovertible proof that the election results are fake, and that Dr. Paul received 5500 votes and Mittens only got 2500 votes. There is a public counting of the ballots and indeed RP had 2000 votes and Mittens had 6000 votes. This makes RP supporters look crazy, and it discredits RP, us, and the movement.

What happened you might ask. Well the establishment and Mitten's supporters, 3500 of them to be exact, decided to wear RP gear and make a false statement on camera or by signing a paper that they either did or were going to vote for RP. They did this for the sole purpose of discrediting everything which we stand for. The worse part about this simulation of an election is that it would work; and there is nothing anybody could do about it. What one says on camera or signs to on a piece of paper before or after an election is meaningless -there would be nothing to stop people from lying to skew the numbers. With there being no possible consequences to giving false information, it would be naive to think that any results acquired, by camera or signing a paper, would actually be accurate.