Comment: misquote of RNC legal rep

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misquote of RNC legal rep

The quote you provided has been widely circulated based on a blog post. However, it has been shown more recently that she was not quoted correctly. The part about delegates becoming free agents was not part of that correspondence and was somehow added by the blogger and put in quotes. Here is the correspondence. Her comments definitely do not say that delegates are free agents. The understanding they basically come to is that rule 38 was not intended as a way of stopping states from binding delegates. It's just that the RNC isn't going to step in enforce the binding, and they leave it up to the state parties. The RNC only steps in and overrules the states if they are breaking national party rules (and the act of binding delegates does not break national party rules). If your state doesn't force you to follow their own binding rules, then you're allowed to vote for anyone you want (even if that person isn't being nominated).