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Comment: Republican form of government

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Republican form of government

Our fore fathers intentionally gave us a republic. Many of them considered a democratic government to be the vilest form of government possible, worse than a dictatorship.

People will rise up and overthrow a dictatorship or monarchy if the rule becomes unbearable. But a democracy is nothing more or less than two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner; the majority are always rewarded with tasty morsels, while the minority and the weak are forever cannibalized. There is no justice or liberty in such a system, only mob rule.

To understand why they gave us the Electoral College, one only needs to look at this years Republican nomination process. Ron Paul's supporters despite currently being less than a majority have had a great deal of success in the caucus states and even in the primary states when delegates to the state conventions select RNC delegates.

The caucus process is a state level version of the electoral college. The uninformed, brainwashed, greedy, corrupt and/or stupid masses come together to select representatives from their precincts to represent them at a higher level (county, district, state). Hell, most of them can't even be bothered enough to figure out how to do that.

It is the delegates job to make themselves informed, to study the alternatives and make reasoned, moral, just and sound choices that will best suit the area they each represent.

A republic works best when the masses select educated people of good character for their delegates. The party-ed system that evolved almost immediately in this country works against this in that the parties usually try to dictate the selections often by pushing uninformed people (party cronies) into delegate positions.

But delegates and in the case of the Electoral College, electors are supposed to be free agents guided by their own moral compass and their own sound, informed judgement.

Don't be fooled into thinking the Electoral College was a random thought, our fore fathers knew what a republic was and put this in place to protect us from mob rule.

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