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Comment: what are the historical examples?

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what are the historical examples?

In 2008, there were a few people who abstained or who voted for Romney or Paul, but in all cases that I've been able to find, they were never bound in the first place or originally bound to Romney or Paul. Show me a delegate in 2008 that was bound to McCain based on the vote and by his/her state party rules but who didn't vote for him. Please don't try naming the Utah delegates.

And as a side note, no one really cared what delegates did in 2008 since the roll call vote was so completely lopsided and the result was never in doubt. States may not have cared enough to do anything even if their rules were violated - and that's completely acceptable according to the RNC. That doesn't mean they wouldn't care enough if the vote was closer. But regardless, show me an example of a case of a delegate breaking binding in 2008.

And again, you're quoting a fictitious statement by Jennifer Sheehan to prove your point.