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Something you'll find... that a LOT, if not the majority, of conservative Christians already agree almost entirely with the freedom movement, and they just don't realize it. One guy, when asked by my dad if he supported Dr. Paul, answered "no." My dad then asked him what he believed on various issues, and it turned out he agreed with Paul on every. Single. One.

The *only* area where you'll have real difficulty with most Christian conservatives is their ludicrously hawkish stance on Iran (I know - I used to be this way). It is INCREDIBLY difficult to explain the virtues of a sane foreign policy - I read Dr. Paul's "The Revolution" back in '08, and didn't fully agree with his foreign policy until sometime in 2010, even though by then I'd been consistently reading Lew Rockwell and more Ron Paul, and watching Freedom Watch on the Internet.

The way to do this is to start with, "We need to be prepared to face any enemy." Emphasize that our crazy foreign policy is making us weaker - take the "peace through strength" approach. Also make the point that, if needed, Dr. Paul would not hesitate to ask for a declaration of war, then send in our soldiers, destroy the threat, and bring them home. Hands-down the best way to convince hawks is to point out that Paul's military policy amounts to "confirm real threat, get declaration of war, CRUSH IT, come home," rather than "see hypothetical threat, violate Constitution, waste resources, find out threat is fake, spend 10+ years nation building in a third-world country."