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I was thinking about

before I made the initial post, what would happen if the Romney people would pretend to be Ron Paul supporters. But then I rejected this being massively possible, because I don't think it is viable to recruit so many normal local people to pretend they are Ron Paul supporters either wearing RP gear or make false statements without the whole thing getting exposed. It is not about 3500 number (and I understand it was just example from your side) but reality is the statistical analyse of say New Hampshire suggests vote fliping from Paul - as well as Gingrich, Huntsman and Santorum - to Romney of maybe literally tens of thousands of votes statewide especially in the precincts where many people vote
see first chart at the page 1 and the table at the page 11
official data if you want to check are here:
Imagine how big this RP voter spoofing operation would need to be just in the case of the one state NH example, how much resources as money, organization and conspiring you would need to invest to something like that.
I don't push this my idea is viable, it's just an idea, somebody was trying simmilar thing apparently ( with very interesting result but if it works would need further testing.
You're right that many people in the RP camp are maybe quite selfdelusional? if they think they have enough delegates, maybe even trying to deceive themselves that the "Paul/Romney" delegates will have somehow chance to vote Ron Paul on first ballot or that with this "trick" it is enough to nominate Ron Paul.
I'm in fact quite very skeptical when I see what happened with Iowa or what suggests the statistical analysis of the same way key NH results. And I believe it is the straw polls rigging which on the end would result in Ron Paul not being nominated because the straw polls have much bigger coverage than the thing which really matters the delegate polls.
Just imagine, and I repeat it over and over, how the whole campaign would be different if the delegate result 14 to 1 from Iowa would be known back in January and there wouldn't be the massive rigging of NH or it would be at least under close examination and counting every Ron Paul voter independently and everybody would know it is. In my opinion that would make Ron Paul win and the race favorite without any much doubt and the MSM would not be much able to downplay it.
But it is now unfortunately just the proverbial "what if..." The s**t already happened and big time and from the very beginning of this whole GOP process.
But it would also be selfdelusional to think that it would not happen next time again and the whole country would not continue to sink in the realm of absolute corruption if the people do nothing effective about it. Something effective should be done about it otherwise the whole thing of such an "demogracy" is just a theater nothing else.
That was my point why I posted this naive idea (I'm in Europe and I can't do anything about unfortunately than think about this) to restart a serious discussion here and thank you for "advocating diaboli" in it, because without it would be just a blabber.