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I understand what you are

I understand what you are trying to do, but I think that we need at least one RP supporter at each election station counting the votes aloud. Not all voting stations use electronic voting systems; also, not all voting stations allow candidate paraphernalia to be worn inside the facility -so most people, unless they are working outside the voting station, don't wear anything of the candidate of their choice when they go vote. This is how it is at my voting location, which is why I said it wouldn't be hard for establishment people to just lie on camera or by signing a piece of paper, because at my voting station you have no idea who is voting for whom.

I also think that the establishment would do anything it can to discredit Dr. Paul and/or his supporters as well as the movement itself; the fact is, they need to discredit it or they will all be removed from power.

But I just want to say my really big concern is that if we did what you suggested, I don't think it would matter at all, because it wouldn't prove anything in a court of law, and therefore, it wouldn't prevent Dr. Paul from being screwed by the establishment.

I agree, those straw polls matter(theatrically) more than the delegate count, and if we could have secured Dr. Paul a win in one State before March, the establishment would never have been able to stop that from snowballing into a win at the National Convention. But, I think the delegate strategy is good and we will be able to accomplish a lot at the National Convention because of it.

Keep generating new ideas, don't let me rain on your parade. I just look at how our enemies can use the things we do against us.