Comment: So every one you are busing

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So every one you are busing

So every one you are busing in for this event you will be busing out so they are sure to miss being at the convention. Have I got that right. AND THEN we have a march on the 28th which others can join in on, what those who go to this music fest are suppose to do the day after the fest on the 27th until the day of the march no one has any answers for, apparently this first day of the convention doesn't mean anything to those in control of this music fest and march. I suppose their answer to these supporters is they can stick their finger up their asp as far as they care. Gosh forbid someone should mention these supporters should show up in record numbers at the convention to make sure this movement is noticed. I understand that the delegates are to be bused in to the convention and the road way has to be clear for this to happen but after the delegates are there I'm not going to lose sleep if I know they are stuck there for the whole three days due to massive crowds outside. What bothers me is no one is giving supporters options as to what they can do on the 27th to help this movement other than just going home after partying for three days. If there is a point to getting supporters together in Tampa it should revolve around getting them together at the convention which would make a powerful statement. Getting them together for just a music fest will leave the media saying so many people only got together because it was a music festival and that's the only reason so many showed up. And the media will even say, look, we were right, they were in Tampa only for the music, because they all went home as they aren't here at the convention.

Bus them in and bus them out all before the convention even starts. Yeah that's going to send the public a message about this movement being serious when the public watches the convention on TV. They were only here to party and nothing more.