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Comment: this country was founded on

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this country was founded on

this country was founded on the idea of religious freedom. its not a christian nation. Does not matter if all of the founding fathers were christians. That doesnt make it a christian nation.

As a christian im bothered by the fact that christians are lashing out at the encroachment of state atheism by claiming its "a christian country"

Its one thing to hate the atheists and their motives (there are actually some atheists that dont have motives, but most of the time they dont talk about it because real atheists simply dont care to talk about religion in the first place , where as Modern atheists on the otherhand , believe it or not , are a religion of self entitled individuals who mock those who have faith and furiously try to make the state as secular as possible.

The "seperation of church and state" does not exist in the constitution , what does exist is a few bylaws that state "government shall make no law regarding religion" which literally means that government is constitutionally unable in any form to legislate , regulate , or tax anything related to religion in any form. In otherwords religion is OFF LIMITS to the government in every facet imaginable.somebody did forget to inform mr.obama about this.

The other bylaw is that "there should be no state sanctioned religion" which means the state or government should not have a official religion. Whats happening now is the modern atheists want to instill their "religion" into government as the state held belief system in order to curb "religious legislation" like banning abortion by falling back on this by law. What they dont understand is that the law can not adress who makes up the congress based on their religion , so even if a majority of congress is christian , that doesnt mean we have a "christian government".... As desperately atheists want everyone to believe