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I Started a

new blog titled "The Liberty Times", and just released an article that shows both sides of the story and the details behind each side's argument. If you are undecided on the issue or want more info, you can look there, and if I got any facts wrong, just let me know, hey, I'm only 14, so I'm not the most knowing of law, but hell, I stand for liberty, and I'll be damned if Mittens or Obama ruins my future with unmanageable debt and endless wars. The fight has only just begun! RP'12


EDIT: Please be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe by email to the blog. I want to spread the word and try as hard as I can to do things even if I can't do anything officially. Godspeed Dr. Paul, and let's take it to the floor in Tampa.

-Casey Hamlin
15 Year Old Liberty Activist