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Thank you for mentioning that

Along with other factors (e.g., environmental), nutrition is key: deficiencies, what we don't eat that we should; and also what we do eat that we shouldn't. For example, sugar exacerbates asthma and tooth cavities. It's a shame physicians don't study nutrition.
[DISCLAIMER: The aforementioned statement re sugar was only my personal opinion, not intended as medical advice. I am not a doctor nor nutritionist. Can't be too careful these days! Why, even with a disclaimer, the State of GA was going to arrest this "diabetes warrior" who got himself OFF INSULIN & other prescription DRUGS through adopting a low-carb "paleo" DIET (contrary to what is recommended), plus getting more EXERCISE. Not that he'd recommended to anyone to go off insulin. And not that he was the only one to have success. The problem was, he didn't keep things to himself but posted his whole story on line.]

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