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It's not only candidate

It's not only candidate paraphernalia but also 'party' paraphernalia the people in my area are not permitted to wear inside the voting station; they say it could intimidate or influence others to vote against who they intended to vote. This is not just against Ron Paul this is for every candidate and every party.

Technically it would be viable, it would just take a very long time to implement. Reading aloud 20,000 votes or more could take quite a while; so it probably wouldn't be desired. However, they could open more voting stations in a given area or areas to reduce the number of people voting at any particular voting station. So, instead of 20,000 people voting at one station, they could split that up to five or more stations; but still hand counting and reading aloud 4,000 votes could still take quite a while, so I doubt that it is actually doable.

I certainly hope that we can get some Liberty candidates elected this election, because I'm not really sure we may have many opportunities left before they cancel elections due to some fake perceived threat.