Comment: Don't be so absolute.

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Don't be so absolute.

I get frustrated with the degree in which people take things. I agree, drugs are not the answer to everything. I rarely go to the doctor, only when I cannot take it anymore. This has given me a pretty good immune system over the years. As I'm writing this, I have not been to a doctor or been on any prescription in at least five years, other than prescription pain pills from getting nuttered. I rarely even get a runny nose. But lets say your child, wife, mother, whatever, gets sick. Docters say they are circling the drain. They say their only hope is some new drug. Are telling me to roll a joint for my 3 yr old son and give him accupuncture? Maybe get him into yoga classes? Dude, pharma has its place. To say it doesn't makes you sound just like those backwoods snake healers who rely on prayer to heal a snake bite. So they charge shit tons of money to make boner pills, if that bankrolls a cancer research program so what? I do think we should get them out of politics though.