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I posted this comment below

I posted this comment below on her article. She had many people disagreeing with her idea of bringing the movement to the democrat side but agreeing with her ability to influence people on that side. After reading the article I got the sense that she is in no way a part of the Ron Paul movement. She talked about how she was a liberal and after her dad died she then watched a debate of Ron Paul and changed views. Her main point of emphasis, despite wanting money, was how she wanted to promote liberty and bring the Ron Paul movement to the democrat party.

I have learned so much by listening to Ron Paul's message than I ever thought I could accomplish in a lifetime. Not to mention, I learned it in 3 weeks!

I truly admire your ability to find connection with a group of people that you have always disagreed with. Moreover, I am very excited that you, along with many other democrats and liberals etc., are starting to understand what the solutions to America's problems are. More than that, I am overly excited to see that more and more Americans are discovering WHAT the problem is, the GOVERNMENT.

After reading this I have come to the conclusion that Satan's power is everywhere in our lives, even if the thought or intention is good. With that said, you need to understand one of the biggest messages that this movement is trying promote. Even though Ron Paul is a republican and we are trying to get democrats and independents to vote for him we are also trying to get EVERYONE to understand what a Republic is. We first and foremost need to get Ron elected and then we can end the divide that our government and mainstream media promote. We do not have to have race issues, social and gender issues, and social class issues if we follow the word of the Constitution.

My question is, how is promoting liberty to Americans but at the same time feeding what destroys it any better than what we already have?? You have to go back to the beginning of our country to understand that America does not need a democrat and republican divide. That is where the problem is and that is where the solution is. We are a republic promoting a republic society. Get away from the evil that is still residing in the very people that mean good. Everyone of Paul's messages has a message within that breaks the barrier of sterotypes that many people have been trained to live by. That is because his message comes from the heart of our founders and now hopefully to the heart of Americans.

Everyone please after Paul is elected do not let his true message slip away from us. Once we train society to have the heart of our founders then America can finally begin to make their death and sacrifices for our freedoms actually mean something. We must protect it, hold it, teach it, remember it, see it, feel it, provide it, conquer it, and never let it go, not for anyone or no once, because freedom is only on our side and it has never been so fragile in our country's history.