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Big thumbs up!

I think the time to seriously wake up is long overdue. The GOP candidate selection process in this 2012 race is clearly rigged right from the very beginning in Iowa and New Hampshire, I don't doubt it at all and it very much looks to me even from the fragmentary statistical informations I have here in Europe that all candidates except Romney at some stage of this theater were stollen votes to achieve Romney being the artificial (his poorly attended rallies speak for themselves) GOP favorite - and especially Ron Paul in key Iowa and New Hampshire, where they have stollen his victory and it irreparably affected his campaign momentum.
But I don't believe Romney is pushed in this to win the presidential race. I think he is in it as useful idiot only to secure Obama's second term. From the election arithmetics is quite clear to me that even if the Ron Paul supporters would somehow achieve to get rid of election rigging in November, Obama will most probably win not because the independent voters would vote for him -as last time deceived by his "change" hypnotic slogans- but because they will not vote for Romney. Maybe the establishment would not even need to rig the November election if Romney is the GOP nominee.
But I don't think the stopping of the election riggers is in vain, quite on the contrary, this corrupted system must be stopped and it is first priority. Ron Paul maybe will not become president this year (but it is now clear that he would most probably make it if only the GOP primaries and caucuses were not rigged) but his ideas and movement he inspired must and will live and I think the LibertyUSA PAC and ronpaulvotecount people, who already bitterly realized what's going on with the straw polls could be its future core.
And still, I'm an optimist, Ron Paul is not so old and his vitality is exceptional, he can live another 15 years just according to presidential age statistics, it is not utterly impossible he can make his candidacy in 2016 again. For this to even have any sense to happen the fix in elections must be ousted.
Sorry I'm so frank.