Comment: Since this thread has become a referendum on "immigration"

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Since this thread has become a referendum on "immigration"

I might as well put my two cents in.

"Open border" libertarianism is the Achilles heel of this movement. It is THE deal breaker for a large number of that soon-to-be-minority-without-a-name, Americans of northern European descent.

We (yes, I confess to being one of THEM) feel more comfortable among people similar to ourselves. This is a prejudice which we share with roughly 99.99% of the world's population (protestations by the progressive/liberals and "open border" libertarians notwithstanding)and which is condoned in every other demographic but our own.

Maintaining a cultural or ethnic identity is not only tolerated, but actually encouraged by the high priests of political correctness; UNLESS, of course, your ancestors came from Scotland (or Ireland/England/Denmark/Germany/Poland/Finland/France/Ukraine/etc.). In THAT case, any attempt to maintain a national identity automatically makes you a neo-Nazi.

This is a form of "collectivism" that is part of human nature. It does NOT lead to the perversions of racial bigotry unless it is ignored (or worse) treated as psychological aberration.

Tribal conflicts have been endemic in many parts of the world for millenia, but only escalate to full scale genocide when one of the tribes seizes control of a tyrannical central government. Often that central government was formed by well-intentioned idealists or diplomats who created a nation state arbitrarily by treaty or edict.

Pretending that we can create nations along arbitrary geographical boundaries, rather than the natural desires of the people, has led to more conflict, bloodshed, hatred, and genocide than almost any other abuse of statism. The grotesque chimeras of "nations" like the former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, and the current Iraq are a few recent examples.

Once we accept the principle that this part of human nature is inherently evil, we are doomed to perpetuate the cycle of hatred.

THAT is what leads to segregated drinking fountains and Auschwitz-style gas chambers.

Erasing all borders does not eliminate the problem, it only mandates that the resulting one world government will be the most tyrannical ever conceived.

THIS is how the Orwellian dystopia is created.

Dismissing people who recognize this as "racists" only hastens the day when "1984" becomes our reality.

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