Comment: illegal / legal binding? Does it even matter?

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illegal / legal binding? Does it even matter?

The rules are all smudged up probably by design. Until recently the wolves have been freely guarding the hen house with no one watching and with n o objection. But just in case, the rules were written in a way that leaves a last resort for every situation. And if that fails, they just disregard the rules.

People need to be ready to accept the possibility that the establishment will rob us of our freedom to choose our leaders by a free and fair election process.

Let's call it like it is:

1. the election is a outright fraud in broad daylight

2. the rules only apply if Ron Paul people are breaking them

3. the Democrat party and the media are ignoring the fraud and will continue to do so

4. Obama supporters aren't even paying attention to this stuff

5. Romney supporters don't care because they get the free win

4. both parties have spent the last few decades approving & sanctioning some of the most horrific crimes against people at home and in other countries. Some of the worst crimes committed against people the world has ever known. (That's not hyperbole people)

5. these parties are rotten to the core

What I'm interested in is how is Ron Paul campaign & the establishment are going handle all the people in the streets of Tampa when they realize their worst fears...that the establishment really did just spend the last 4 stealing the election from Ron Paul.

Anyone notice how the campaign's focus is mainly on 'the party transformation'? Look at the website and it's not about the nomination as much as the consolation prize of taking over the rotten party.

Nothing, IMO, really says "We are going to win the nomination!!". Disclaimer: I'm not political strategist and I just call it like I see it. If you use my views / suggestions to run a campaign, you might lose.