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looks like

this counting aloud would need quite a costly fragmentizing of the voting stations. Could anybody expect it to happen?

I also hope some Liberty candidates will get elected. Something is always better than nothing.

I don't rule it out as impossibility, but I don't much believe they would even seriously think about to cancel elections -as far as the fix is in, because whole the election theatre substantially helps to legitimize the establishment and its agenda and they can always tell the people "you have what you voted for and if you don't like it next time you're free to choose somebody else, that's the democracy folks and if you don't like the curent rulers, its your fault - you have elected them" (and repeat this voter victimizing tale with all its variations over and over) - and even it is all a lie, as far as the massive election fraud is not proven they can always claim being legitimately elected, next time use their resources stollen from the people to buy more media bias, get more of the machines, outsource more vote counting to obscure ofshore companies and rig the elections again even better and get there another puppet they want to continue their show.
Only case I can imagine they would seriously think about canceling elections turning their evergreen demogracy tale on its head is in a case their election rigging would get exposed nationally big time.
But that would be I think a dying-monster-kicking-all-around-pre-civil-war situation which I think they can't afford as far as the gun control measures don't find their way and they eventually succeed to disarm the American public -as they try whenever they have any opportunity to do it and despite the 2nd Amendment is firmly written in the Constitution for expressed purpose of defending free state and despite the conspiring against it is the federal capital crime under USC 18 §241. So, not happy to say it, the clock is unfortunately ticking not in favor of the Liberty case and there is in my opinion not much time left if we see what unprecedented powers Obama assumes abolishing at the same time the pillars of the civil rights and liberties including free speech and assembly, habeas corpus as well as the posse comitatus and that he is clearly the chosen one by the behind-the-scenes to win the second term and become a puppet-dictator under martial law he and his predecessors incrementaly were imposing at least since 9/11 - which with the Romney (who was together with Santorum and Gingrich used to artificially fragmentize the "right" and independent electorate against the countercorruption unitizing momentum of the "Ron Paul danger" - and he is with his movement potentially indeed a fatal danger for the establishment crooks and fiends - so they thoroughly made sure - without people elsewhere even much noticing the seriousness of it for months - he doesn't win the straw poll in Iowa and New Hampshire (etc.) - although he very much could accomplish it if the fix wasn't in, and if he won at least in the Iowa - as he indeed on the end effectively did despite the fix - with national publicity back in January, the snowball effect would most probably become unstoppable - because Ron Paul is exceptionaly gifted and able to clearly identify and explain what are the problems with the government and has enough integrity to criticize it without hypocrisy - and I would think he would eventually win over Obama in landslide, because if he would be the GOP nominee he would most probably win full support of most of the traditional republican voters if only given chance to debates with Obama to show it is indeed the Obama who is godless extremist not Ron Paul and also pick vast majority of the independent voters who suffer serious disilusion since they voted for Obama last time deceived by his void slogans and promises and maybe even pick a substantial part of democrats suffering the same - sorry for the long parenthesis) as the GOP nominee I don't much have reasons not to believe that it will be a feat Obama can accomplish even without any November presidential election rigging.