Comment: Marxism is alive and well in the USA

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Marxism is alive and well in the USA

Total, absolute control of an individual through the corrupt banking system. You do not own your own money because it is IN A BANK and the powers that be can close that account and your access to it in less than the time it takes to push a key on a computer.

Don't we all find it interesting that Romney has alot of money in offshore banks? This is what the corrupt powerful and wealthy do and this is now what they want to prevent other Americans to be able to do. We are the suckers in this game. A co-owner of Facebook threatens to renounce his citizenship and move to a more friendly and appreciative country and here comes the new legislation. Totalitarian government...period. We own your home...we own your car....we own your money and WE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU ANYTIME WE WANT TO! This is the reality they give us....Freedom and property ownership until they decide to take it away. Freedom of choice? Only the petty things that they allow to chose like what flavor icecream to eat, or what store we can shop at etc. Freedom to move about as we please? NO MORE Freedom to take all of our money out of the bank? Good luck with that one. Freedom to leave America with our life long earnings and live in another country? Nope...You can leave BUT without
everything you worked your entire life for.

When we become a cashless society, which is right around the corner, we will be living like caged animals and they decide where and how big the cages are...THIS is the true reality....THIS is the NEW WORLD ORDER.