Comment: Possibly Team Nevada is not a third party.

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Possibly Team Nevada is not a third party.

Because it is still Republican , a sub Republican entity, as the Log Cabin Republicans, it is possibly a joint party. In other words, in 2008, the Ron Paul campaign could have done this , but they trusted the then corrupt Nevada GOP party and the RNC, and as you said the Ron Paul delegates were not seated. Since it probably is a joint GOP party , it would not be considered a third party. The Romney campaign is also not using GOP in their "Team Nevada" party , so as to mislead the Ron Paul campaign into thinking it is a third party. But since the chairman of the RNC, Mr Priebus, is the one who approved of Team Nevada, I would have to say, it probably is not a third party and did not break rule 11. So possibly the delegates for both Nevada GOP parties will be seated at the NRC.