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And your...

brave heroic kids valiantly stand up in the face of those teaching Govt propaganda and call them out.

Hahahaha, you know they don't. Neither you nor your kids are mighty warriors for truth. You are just preying on those who are weak before Govt oppression.

It's easy to talk all badass when the Govt is standing behind your position with guns and lawyers. Go watch a movie or something if you want fantasy. :)

Do your brave kids stand up for the truth when Haeckel's embryo sequence, or the peppered moth study or the equine sequence are taught? All of those are proven frauds.

Haeckel was fired from his university over the embryo sequence. The peppered moths were pinned and glued on the trees in unnatural positions (they hang out on the underside of leaves), and the smallest horses (eohippus) are LATER than the size horses we have today.

Go stand for the truth, warrior. Get 'em! ;)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~