Comment: Hold on a minute there cowboy!

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Hold on a minute there cowboy!

First off I am no troll. You seem to very adept at name calling, including "Idiot" and "moron". And you want to talk about divisivness?

I have worked very hard here in Maine and have driven dozens of people to our camp.

I'm thinking the discord you have with me began in earnest last night when I mildly disagreed with your attempt to elicit funds to send folks to Tampa.

You seem to have misunderstood my intent.

I fully intend to support the delegates from Maine and wish them the best.

The point you may have missed is it never should have been an issue!

The delegates were to be vetted to ensure they were able and ready to go.

My thinking was:

1. Live within your means (pay your way)

2.Honor your contract (as a delegate)

3. Bailouts are usually counter productive and often lead to dependency.

If you continue to advocate for the banning of such folks as myself then I think you may be on the way to suiciding the movement.

I am praying for the safe arrival of all delegates and alternates to Tampa to make Dr Paul the place in history he deserves...President Paul!!!