Comment: Libertarians are from OuterSpace

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Libertarians are from OuterSpace

Libertarians live in a dream world. But 99.9% of humans live in real world.

That is the problem. The 25% who voted for Paul in Hampshire were not all libertarians. They had some libertarian tendencies, which we all do to some degree. But pure libertarian society will immediately lead to strong centralized socialism.


The strongest, most cohesive ethnic groups will fight for power and take control of finance, media, government and terrorize the other ethnic groups.

Look at yugoslavia, former soviet union, China and now US. China has riots, Iraq has riots. Does Japan have riots? Korea have riots?

In US, the strongest ethnic group has taken control of finance, media, government. And all other ethnic groups are suffering.

Libertarians blame everything on economics. They do not live in reality.

Federal Reserve and media has brainwashed us into two extreme ideologies. Libertarianism and Socialism.

The reality is that ethnic cohesion is the true foundation of society.

When America's European core was intact it was rich and stable. Now libertarians have flooded us with 3rd world and it is poor and unstable.

Free trade also destroyed America. The libertarian wants to crush American worker and drive down his wages to the same level as Chinese and Indians.

LIbertarian will not be satisfied until all wages across the World are leveled and everyone lives equally poor.

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