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Where is Obamacare, TSA, Empire prohibited in Constitution

This is the same fraud socialists use. They use interstate commerce clause to impose dictatorship. You have no right to resist Obamacare, TSA, Empire. Where is that prohibited in the constitution?

So by that logic you should have no right to control immigration in your house.

Anyone should be allowed to immigrate to your bedroom, living room, back yard, basement, front porch.

You sound like a Stalinist dictator. You want to respect individual rights when it suits your agenda, but you do not want to respect those individuals who do not want to be flooded by your immigration.

This is a difference between democracy and republic.

In republic everything is by 100% consent of people. In a democracy, 51% thugs impose open borders and free migration.

United States is a collection of 300 million private property owners. There must be 100% consent before borders are opened.

You did not get that consent from the governed. You assumed that power based on libertarian ideology, just as Socialists assume Obamacare powers based on Socialist ideology.

Just as the socialists you want to impose that without consent.

This is called tyranny, not freedom.

You are neither consistent nor honest.

This is not libertarianism. This is genocidal Maoism. Like China did to Tibet. Libertarians are doing to US.

True libertarians never impose without 100% consent.

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