Comment: RON PAUL REVOLUTION: Newport Beach, California

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RON PAUL REVOLUTION: Newport Beach, California

Good morning, everyone. Morning coffee in Southern California :)

This is so amazing! Past 5% of California. This is a HUGE STATE and - just how I feel - and Dr. K. Research coined the term: "CALIFORNIA: The Biggest Prize". Yes! Exactly!

This has been growing - based on my calculations - at 1% of California per day. What a MONUMENTAL TASK and what World-Class Professionalism from Eric, Curt, Dr. K. Research and EVERYONE WORKING HERE AND HELPING.

I feel this is going to speed-up massively beyond 1 to 2 % per day. People who receive the Brochures are going to get excited and tell others. THE DOMINO EFFECT.

One area of California that is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL is Newport Beach.

I am a musician (Flamenco Guitarist) and I have played in Newport Beach many times and THE WEALTH in Newport Beach is simply amazing.

California Millionaires For Ron Paul!

Here is a Business Directory of Newport Beach and neighboring cities:

***Everyone who has brochures and Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Materials: Get some stamps and mail a gift! RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS ♥


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