Comment: D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Steps 1-5

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D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Steps 1-5

Reposting for those that missed this great series by DP member zeninthecar aka D.L.Crumpton. It's really a great read! Enjoy now or bookmark it for later!

D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Step 1

"The term Paul Bot, huh? What do we do with this little oddball thing in the soup? Well we do what all champions of history do. We take a term that was devised for the sole purpose of ostracizing us and making us seem fringe and most certainly a minority, and we embrace it lovingly and begin to apply it to ourselves with pride as the biggest upraised middle finger we can collectively muster. Now we have become a people. A people of Paul Bots. We are spray painting it on walls, we are waving signs which proclaim it, we are putting cute little pictures of that droid with it scrawled underneath all over the internet and some of us are even getting it tattooed on the vats of our brains. Are we not a peculiar people? Are we not a people that most definitely are set far, far, far, ….far apart? Have we not all gathered together in the wilderness having left the security of bondage for wandering in pursuit of liberty? At the head of our exodus into a valley between two great destructive forces, both on the left, as well as on the right, is a white haired old man. And what’s that? He seems to be coming down from the hill holding two really ancient, really smart, really divine documents in either arm. One declares independence from false, tyrannical entities claiming to have authority over you and the other ensures that if its precepts are followed nothing but peace, prosperity and tranquility could reign over the countryside. If only we would listen to the white haired man and obey the words which blaze into the core of our souls heart and not be a stiff-necked people. This all seems vaguely familiar, yet this time around a new sabot is being thrown into the machinery which could alter the outcome of our little trek to much less than decades and decades of finding the promised land. This time we have history finally receiving its long overdue renaissance. The ultimate question at this point, I think, is will we as a new people take our shot at this thing? Are we really, truly ready to commit to what we are doing? From this question I had to explore who we are, who you are. You crazy Paul Bot you!"

( you can read parts 2-5 by hitting 'continue' at the bottom of the article)
Steps 2-5 here

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