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Just what is in the link you

Just what is in the link you would like to point out to everyone. That I'm a patriot, or perhaps that my youtube channel is called aimeechrister after a woman, and yet you call me a guy instead. What makes you think I'm a guy, or do you have connections with those in government who spy on people like me, and know exactly who I am.

Your not going to bother to respond to me, why not, you responded to everyone else. It's not like my concerns aren't legit. What happen four years ago when everyone was steered to a separate convention for Ron Paul. Did the media give the thousands who showed up for that event any attention. Not that I saw, instead they were out of sight, out of mind just like the media and GOP wanted. Are we to make that mistake again? I'm sure the media and the GOP establishment would be very pleased if we did. Which is why I'm speaking up now so we make sure our voices are heard this time.

I didn't read the other thread about this event until after I wrote the above post. I see you scheduled the buses to leave after the march on the 28th. So it obviously doesn't matter to you whether these supporters show their support at the convention. Instead you would prefer they be riding a bus home before the convention is even half way over. And for those not coming by bus, I guess baking in the summer heat for three days at some other location like this festival will take it's toll on those who might have shown their support at the convention, but that doesn't matter to you now does it. Just what does matter to you aside from diverting as many people as you can away from this Republican convention so they go unnoticed by media.

The more I think about the delegates having to be bused into the convention from hotels the more I wonder if it might be better for everyone if they aren't able to show at all. Wouldn't that make the media coverage, if the delegates weren't able to attend due to the massive support for Ron Paul and the liberty movement out side the convention and making traffic come to a stand still in Tampa, I bet that would get more coverage than some three day music festival. I suppose if all the delegates supporting Ron Paul were stuck at the festival the day before the convention perhaps a pathway could be made for them to be able to attend. As for the other delegates I guess they would be stuck behind the masses of people and cars blocking the streets and convention. Wouldn't that be a hoot. Not that I'm encouraging any of this to happen of course. I'm just looking at the possibilities of what might happen if supporters show up in record numbers for Ron Paul and the liberty movement. We already have Mitt Romney and the GOP trying to un invite or exclude many delegates to the convention who are Ron Paul supporters so it doesn't matter to me if the other delegates are unable to attend due to some unforseen event like this. Maybe this was the unforseen event Jesse Benton was talking about, LOL.

I'm not here to put a damper on this music fest in order to shut it down, I am only trying to ask everyone to keep an open mind and share their ideas the same way I have here, because it's only through open discussion where we will find the best solution in gaining any true victory from this convention. So yes, you will answer my posts, that is if you expect anyone else to take you seriously. Otherwise your silence will make you look no better than the corrupt media which tries to remain silent in regards to Ron Paul and the liberty movement.

Trying to discredit me is what I'd expect from a corporate establishment shill trolling these boards. If you want to gain peoples support your going to have to do better than that because people like me step on corporate shill piss ants every day.