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I have been supporting Paul since i came across him in 2009 and still love him, but that doesn't cloud my ability to reason. Am i suggesting that we not be optimistic, of course not. But am i suggesting we take reality for what it is, of course.

43% of poll respondents think it is "likely that Paul will win the nomination"? That is just not remotely factual. There was never once, out of every single poll ever done, that Ron Paul polled that high. Now, with him being blocked out of the media, the presidential race being framed between Romney and Obama and Romney winning 70% of the popular vote there has just been this sudden shift that almost half (including voters who vote for Romney) think it's *likely* Paul will win? Come on.

And 90% of the electorate say they will vote for Paul. Does anyone seriously believe this? It is clear that this, like every other online poll, was flooded by Paul supporters. And don't say it's not true. I have been on here every day since a month before Paul entered the race and almost every single day i saw popular new posts saying "Come on guys, Ron Paul needs your help in this poll" and then i'd look at the poll results and see Paul with 95% and then we use these polls to explain how Ron Paul is winning and the media is hiding it.

So some people will then say that "There is so much fraud going on that Ron Paul wins all the states and they steal it from him". And then from those same people you hear "The country is full of sheeple". Well which one is it? The greatest election fraud in history where every single state robbed Ron Paul? Or the American electorate and people are ignorant and believe everything that the government and media says and does? Decide which one because you can't trumpet both. It's either one or the other. I'm going with the second one because it is more logical.

What's ironic is that this video is completely debased from reality and will have it voted up a million times and this post will be voted down equally as much...not that i want my post voted down, but any post that reads something like this is voted down.

As a word of advice, take anything with Matt Larsen with a HUGE grain of salt. I knew this video was from him before it even started playing.