Comment: NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX Derelict - from 2nd video 2:15

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NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX Derelict - from 2nd video 2:15

These guys are right about the media, but what they don't realize is they are just barely scratching the surface. At least they are looking into things, and maybe they will end up learning about the Fed, bank fraud, and 9/11 eventually too.

"Is NBC here? [no] Is CBS here? [no] ABC? [no] How about conservative FOX, are they here? [no, laughing] They're nowhere to be seen. I have personally invited every one of them to be here, and nobody." - Brian Reilly

"Where's Sean Hannity?" - audience

"Where's Sean Hannity? - Brian Reilly

"Or Rush Limbaugh?" - audience

"The reason we're here is because the media does not cover this particular topic. America is in a horrible, horrible situation right at the moment, and we decided that it was time to get the word out to you people, so that we could get word of mouth and spread the word about what is happening in America that you're not being told about. We have right now probably the biggest constitutional crisis since Watergate." - speaker

Just found an article that starts off similar to my post: