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You are a Marxist?

You are proposing trade without tariffs which is arbitrage trade, not free trade at all.

Marx supported free trade without tariffs. Here is what he said more than 100 years ago:

...the Free Trade system works destructively. It breaks up old nationalities and carries antagonism of proletariat and bourgeoisie to the uttermost point…the Free trade system hastens the Social Revolution. In this revolutionary sense alone...I am in favor of Free Trade...

Founders knew better. They supported general tariffs to pay for defense, foreign affairs, treasury, and justice, the 4 constitutional departments.

Some force is necessary to protect life, liberty and property. National Defense, local police, tariffs are those things.

You are confused about corporatism. Corporatism is big business in bed with big government for favors.

So Ford in Bed with Obama against Toyota is corporatism.

But under general tariffs, both ford and toyota play on level field under the same rules with no tax payer largesse and no govt favoritism.

And you are falsely confusing higher prices with tariff. Higher prices are due to malinvestment, fiat money, poor management, old technology, etc.

Not due to tariffs. Tariffs are the simplest and most humane way to fund constitutional govt.

Your small county question is unconstitutional and therefore invalid, since the constitution prohibits tariffs "between States" or "between counties" under interstate commerce clause.

Since all 50 States are part of central govt with common constitution, they do not need tariffs. Does China and US have common constitution?

A tariff free trade between China and US is possible only if they are under one government with same rules and open borders like UN or Kissinger type NWO. In fact tariff free trade is what NWO tyrants want.

From your posts its looks like you are a NWO plant who wants to destroy America with open borders and tariff free trade and force world govt on us. I suspect you are an evil doer.

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