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How to best work this strategy...

A crossover coalition voting strategy needs to be developed to defeat neocon Republicans and blue dog Democrats. I suggest libertarian Republicans ought to support progressives in heavily Democratic districts and states while progressive Democrats ought to support libertarians in heavily Republican areas.

In evenly divided districts and states, we need to determine which party is most vulnerable and get crossover voting to nominate a progressive or a libertarian. In the general election the coalition candidate should slam her or his opponent for not being bi-partisan in representing a bi-partisan district.

The goal would be to defeat the military industrial catastrophe and all of its corporate crony cousins and use the funds saved from gutting these gluttons to pay down debt and fund the building of a peaceful green economy. Unfortunately, until we have 60 US Senators willing to do this, it will never happen. We should not delude ourselves, as either progressives or libertarians, by thinking that we can do this without cooperating with one another.

It would be a disaster to undermine one another and waste resources by planting progressive candidates to defeat libertarian Republicans or libertarians to defeat progressive Democrats.