Comment: Question from a newbie to the liberty movement

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Question from a newbie to the liberty movement

So I'm a lifelong social/fiscal conservative who gradually started drifting left on gay marriage and realizing how the neocons seem to have hoodwinked the entire social conservative movement into supporting unconstitutional wars, and then discovered Ron Paul near the beginning of this election cycle and realized that I was already on board with 90% of what he was saying, and once I got past "wait, what's the Fed?" I was on board 100% :)

Anyways, I love this article, and agree so much in theory, but I'm having trouble visualizing a democrat that I could actually vote for. The biggest thing is the abortion issue. I believe that abortion is murder, and so I have a really hard time getting on board with a candidate that isn't strongly pro-life. This already rules out a pretty large chunk of libertarians, but then if you add the fiscal issues on, I'm confused as to why a pro-life fiscal conservative would ever call themselves a democrat. Do such candidates exist? If so, I'd vote for them in a heartbeat. If not, what am I to do? I want individual liberties, ending of foreign wars, ending the NDAA, TSA etc, but there's no benefit in that for those who aren't alive to enjoy those rights, and even if we get rid of military spending and end the fed, entitlement spending and the welfare state are still serious problems that need to be dealt with.

Any advice from the DP community?