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Agree, mostly

I have some environmental stances that are way more big government than Ron Paul or any libertarian, but I support Dr Paul, and would happily support a libertarian who disagreed with me on those. The issue is how important a particular position is to you. Remember, that I believe abortion is murder. If you're murdering someone, at the end of the day it doesn't matter at all if you were going to give them all of their constitutional rights or none of them, and it doesn't matter how much of their money you would have otherwise stolen ("taxed"), and it doesn't matter if you would have spied on them or groped them or not. We can't have liberty without life and so in my view life is more fundamental.

Say that a candidate agreed with you on every issue, except they said "I'm for repealing all murder laws". Would you vote for that person? (Well, maybe, just cause they'd have no chance at actually succeeding in that goal, but hopefull you get my point?)

I'm willing to compromise pretty much any of my individual issues to vote for someone if they're strong in other areas. But I don't see how I can compromise this particular one.