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Listen Carefully

Most of the so-called "pro-choice" faction is really defending women's unalienable rights. It wasn't too long ago that women and children were property of their fathers/husbands. Some men were, too. Considering these rights have only been recognized for a few years, it's understandable that women can get heated about the issue.

The slaves were freed before women got the vote. Children were drafted and sent to war without a vote. The trend recognizing the individual rights of children, and of women, and even men (big picture and the freedom movement willing), is heading in the right direction.

Technology is helping to create more respect for the unborn.

The "pro-choice"/"pro-life" argument is more about the collision of the trend toward individual rights of women, and the attempts by others to control what they do, than it is about women wanting to terminate any rights of the unborn. Dr. Paul has it right: we need to decentralize this to the local level. It will reduce the "social friction" that accompanies such a big social shift in attitude, and the trend toward rights will continue.

What do you think?