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I'm trying to understand

Maybe I have a small mind too? Maybe I just didn't understand Ron Paul and the rEVOLution from the git go?

Tell me where I am wrong since you have more understanding and wisdom in what the Blue Democrats are saying/doing.

I never thought I would be a Republican. After three elections helping Ralph Nader achieve ballot access, I hoped Ron Paul would go Indy, because then, I could help him in big ways with all my experience. Ron Paul never left the GOP, and I really had to think hard on that. WHY? WHY NOT?

When I met Ron Paul, he took me back when he said, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution."

My rEVOLution?

I thought this was the Ron Paul rEVOLution. I had put that on all my banners: Join the Ron Paul rEVOLution, with my Meetup #.

I've been here 5 years, and during that time I have read that the GOP was dead. I read articles that called for Restoring the Republic, Republican Party, America.. I saw people join the Republican Party who were saying things like, "I must be out of my mind, but I trust Ron Paul and so I'm going to join the GOP and get involved". My friends who joined called me a coward, and asked, "What is the big deal you can't join the GOP to help Ron Paul?"

It's MY rEVOLution is WHY I won't join the corrupt, mean, GOP. Ron Paul told me himself it was MY rEVOLution and I think we need to go Indy, and allot of people agree with me.

So I didn't join the GOP, and Ron Paul lost, Obama won.

Between then, and when Ron Paul announced his intention to run for president 2012, it began to dawn on me why Ron Paul picked the GOP and stuck with it. It's his message.

His message is perfect for a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. Democracy is not about Freedom and Liberty, it is about mob rule, in the majority rule. Ron Paul's message is restoring the constitution to our Republic.

So I joined the GOP when Ron Paul announced he was going to run for president 2012, and began going to my Republican Central Committee meetings. I was afraid. All that stuff I have been reading about Republicans... what a turn off, But that is not what I found at my RCC. I found Democrats occupying the RCC as Republicans in Name Only. No wonder we are headed to a NWO. There should be 20 seats filled, and there are 8, and 5 never show up, two rotate. I have shown up more than any of them. Now I have a seat, as I campaigned as a Ron Paul Republican. They fear me. I have power.

For the first time in my life, and all the political campaigns, I was a Libertarian before I registered Decline to Sate in 1993 under the influence of my friend, Ralph Nader, I have political power and find Ron Paul's message actually works.

Ron Paul was the Republican candidates were compared and asked if they supported. The change happening in the party was ... rEVOLutionary. Amazing to see. And we are not done. We still have Tampa to go to... oh gosh I hope he wins CA so I can go to Tampa.

So why, before Tampa, Blue Democrats.. those who identify themselves as "Blue Democrats", are telling Ron Paul Republicans, as if we didn't make sacrifices and take big risks, and still are, that Ron Paul's message and our rEVOLution is mearly an idea, a movement. That's all it is, an idea that should be "shared" with the Democrat Party because the majority in the Democratic Party need to hear Ron Paul's idea. Next you'll be calling it the Ron Paul experiment, and then failed experiement, and then you'll be calling it the rEVOLution of whatever Blue Democrat candidate catchs steam with Ron Paul's idea.

It's not a message with a movement for a rEVOLtuon in the GOP, uck that... it's merely an idea and an experiement to be taken (not stolen). it's a good idea and since the GOP is a sack of crap and the idiots who joined the GOP are losers who think they have any respect from the Democrat Party for a rEVOLution (what a joke), and a message (LOL) It's a freaking IDEA, and it's actually an OK idea and it really belongs to the Democrats and so as soon as the election is over (and sooner if you can) you will drop the GOP like that cow pattie it is, tell the Ron Paul Republicans to F off and take Ron Paul's idea for the Blue Democrats in the Democrat party.. spreading the love?

Have I got the Blue Democrats intention?

Have I got it right?