Comment: November 2012: Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton

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November 2012: Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK. September 18, 2012. Coming out of the inferno of the RNC and DNC conventions, the ballots for November 2012 bore the names of two candidates: Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton.

And how did this come to be?

Europe in collapse, Asia grinding to a halt, war across the middle east, revolutions in South America, and a new round of bank bailouts saw Americans in the streets protesting the plundering of their future just to save a few super-wealthy elites who were losing their shirts on the far side of the pond.

As every measure to tackle the continuing economic crisis has Romney sounding like Obama, and Obama gesticulating like Romney, ordinary voters and party members alike slowly came to the conclusion that they'd been had.

And then came the conventions, smoke-filled rooms in convention centers shrouded by the pillars of black smoke pouring from burning car tyres. Disheartened by riotous protests in the streets and revolts within the ranks of the delegations, both Willard Romney and Barack Hussein Obama were convinced to drop their candidacies.

Early ballot replacements for the unacceptable Willard Romney began with Marco Rubio, but, as he proved to be a younger clone of Romney, ended up being dragged across the convention floor, and escaped in the outrage, cursing the process and vowing never to take part. Over in the DNC, Hillary was propped into place by desperate party members.

And the rest will be history.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"