Comment: two candidates: Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton.

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two candidates: Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton.

THANK YOU fightapathy !

this is so real and much that I have written for years
as I saw the uplifting of bammaO as paving the way for hillerie to become presi

and Ron Paul is now going to be the opposition

this IS the great crux of Astrology and religious prophecies

June is a stunning month for change and the admin is hardcore bashing the rommine 'chosen one' so watch for a toe trip up

by August and September 2012 the upheavals will be clearly defined.

both bammaO's have a similar effect in their charts which was throughly discussed when he was running in 08

I do not choose to rehash that here as it could draw unwanted attention but suffice to say the couple is skating on melting ice.

it is very possible shilleire will be selected as VP and some upheaval will take him out of the wider picture so she is the default candidate

she has a NOTORIOUS TEMPER and does fly off the chandelier when questioned

Ron Paul did at one time but has learned how to pace his emotions

AGE and EXPERIENCE wins. ;)


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