Comment: I don't worry about Ron's motives. I worry for all men.

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I don't worry about Ron's motives. I worry for all men.

Ron will always be a champion of freedom, but I do worry about his safety, in more ways than one. Even if he were to succumb to threats and tone down his presence for his ( families) safety, then he merely has passed a torch and we must step up. This is why I consistently speak of arming ourselves with GUNS. If you cannot protect yourself, you have no rights or freedoms, and guns are still not enough. You also need CAMERAS. And the you need FELLOW PATRIOTS. Their network is what gives "THEM" power. And FORCE. Period. It is not their badges, or federal ID's. We have the power they have, just less organization. We are not using it. But we also have the trump card and it's easy to use - REASON.


Does Ron need to hole up somewhere with 100 armed men peacefully protecting our rights by protecting OUR leader? Well then add to the list of what would be required to protect his safety: stealth in hiding, an underground bunker thats bunker-buster proof, and food tasters, and dogs to detect terminators (i jest, but you get the point.) My point is the secret service cannot even protect our leaders if the puppet masters decide their time is up.

So.. What to do?

The powers that be must be brought to the realization that:

Freedom is best for THEM.

And I should probably start a new thread to explain how and why.

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.