Comment: None of us has precognition; those who

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None of us has precognition; those who

are fearful of possible hijinks have no more knowledge than those who are look forward to a grand celebration. In 2008 we were carried forward by little more than grassroots energy and creativity -- and of course Dr. Paul's good message of Liberty/Peace. The Rally was a terrific antidote to disappointment, a wonderful benchmark of our movement.
This time the professional Campaign has chosen and led the way with strategy, and it seems mostly an excellent one, given our numbers and resources. The grassroots energy has been more heavily funneled into becoming and supporting delegates, that has worked well.

But the creative energy of many has not been tapped fully. In the liberty movement, many see other, diverse paths to fulfill their roles as freedom warriors. Decry that and try to push everyone into the same mold and you lose a lot of good energy.

How often in this world do we get to celebrate Liberty in the company of many individuals who care deeply and passionately about peace/freedom? If you think this is worthy, contribute strategy, money, time, energy, good will . I do. If not, pass it by, keep in step with the official campaign's requests and wait to see if they bless it.

Or best of all IMO, combine the two. Contribute positive energy to celebrate our values while donating all each of us can to further the business of getting Ron Paul as many delegates and as much influence as possible through official channels. Please avoid the negativity even when you are fearful. Give constructive and prudent advice, then be assured that the positivity of the r3VOLution is our best asset, the one that will bring us far more support long term than all the cautious, rational arguments in the world.