Comment: "Bona Fides"? Many talk and write about Liberty, few truly

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"Bona Fides"? Many talk and write about Liberty, few truly

understand LIBERTY.

It is particularly difficult for British SUBJECTS to understand and to pretend to a leading role in the restoration of LIBERTY to this land.

While your ancestors(or at least the ancestors of the peoples to which you currently claim allegiance) were fighting, ruthlessly and brutally to keep SUBJECTS(a weasel word for slaves) as SUBJECTS/SLAVES my ancestors were fighting them. My ancestors WON-thank all that is good and useful for that.


My genes/heritage/history is an unbroken line of resistors-by force of arms, at risk of life, limb and all things held dear if necessary-to all tyranny over the body, mind, heart and soul of humankind by other humankind.
That line includes the successful overthrow of histories most successful and enduring tyrants -Brit "Royals".

"Bona Fides"?

YOU wrote the blog post excerpted below:

God Bless America. God Save the Queen

(0) Comments | Posted May 30, 2012 | 11:37 AM

By happy coincidence, I am in the country of my birth, England, during the Diamond Jubilee weekend of Queen Elizabeth II.

I will enjoy a little tinge of British pride when I see the flags a-flying and the Queen a-waving -- a feeling not entirely dissimilar from that American...

God Save the QUEEN??

By that statement alone you know nothing of LIBERTY.

You are currently seeking U.S. citizenship? God Save US.

I have much more to say about You, your comment above, this effort you are suddenly promoting, the way it is being promoted(coordinated cabal and all), etc. in the days and if necessary, weeks, months and years ahead.

But for this installment I will close with this:

Some of what you have written above, as well as, some of what has been written by the other co-conspirators and those currently confused by them implies both some "LEADERSHIP" position is held by you in this Movement and that you are in some way above criticism-A Kind of "Royal". Not in my book nor in the book of anyone that Really understands LIBERTY. No one is above question ever in the LIBERTY MOVEMENT and though many believe they are and many assume others are-the LIBERTY MOVEMENT has NO LEADERS. "LEADERS" are the very antithesis of LIBERTY.

If you truly wish to be what you claim/think you already are-GREAT-stick around, learn about LIBERTY and help others learn. First lesson, take to heart the above Cliff Notes on the notion of ROYALTY and QUEENS as it relates to LIBERTY. Also, learn the lessons above about LEADERS and people EVER being beyond questioning as to their COMPLETE allegiance to TRUE LIBERTY. Your learning the lesson of that last will be indicated by your happy acceptance, indeed welcoming, of your bona fides being questioned.

If you are not what you claim/think you are and have no intent of becoming so-Then; time will tell and who should care what you think about being questioned.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in