Comment: Ron Paul will not be endorsing Dennis Flynn AT ALL, EVER!!

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Ron Paul will not be endorsing Dennis Flynn AT ALL, EVER!!

Ron Paul is not going to endorse a Democrat.

Endorsing Democrats is your distortion/corruption/ division with Ron Paul (you have several from reading your blog), and to say you don't care, which is just another way of saying, you do care, but you have no better way to make that care a reality (not caring is default) so in other words you are telling us, "Screw you heartless, ignorant, selfish Ron Paul Republicans; Robin to the rescue spreading liberty (stealing Ron Paul's message for the Democratics, by rendering it to an "idea" with a "movement", rather than a rEVOLution), farther, wider, thicker and better then old Ron Paul." Yeah Robin. Sure.

In Contra Costa CA, running for US Congress in District 11 is Democrat John Fitzgerald, a Ron Paul supporter, and definately NOT a Republican by any color. No Republicans will be voting for him, but they can tell their Democratic friends to vote for him. There are 8 Democrats running for congress in my district and one Republican).

Many of us have sacrificed our friends and family time to face these Neocons in our own towns at Republican Central Committee meetings, joining THEIR GOP, and to have someone like you, who is not an American (you gotta know that really impresses them, eh?) who is also informing them, "Blue Democrats have infiltraited to bring Liberty".. You are who they fear.

I'm not going to defend you at my Republican Central Committee meetings, and either would Ron Paul.

It would have been proper to say your Democrat friend, Mr Flynn supports Ron Paul. That is enough being Ron Paul is still in the race, the Ron Paul Republican delegates are still fighting to bring liberty to the GOP, as Ron Paul asked us to do.