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Inaccuracy after inaccuracy after inaccuracy

I am not endorsing a liberty Democrat OVER a liberty Republican - or any Republican for that matter.

My entire article was about the fact that the rEVOLution is bigger than one party, and that it is good that there is a Democrat in a DEMOCRATIC primary in a district that a Democrat is bound to win, who espouses many of Ron Paul's values and supports him. Why would any lover of liberty not prefer that - and therefore a chance that a Ron Paul supporter could represent that district - than a situation in which there is no chance that a Ron Paul supporter would represent that district?

Once again, I will do NOTHING to take away from the effort to have a liberty, Paulian takeover of the GOP. Indeed, I have done much work in that direction. Preferring a liberty Democrat over any other IN A DEM PRIMARY - and being happy that such a thing exists - does not take away any Republican votes.

(It occurs to me, though, that most liberty-loving supporters of Ron Paul would prefer a RP-supporting liberty-loving pro-Paul Democrat or libertarian or whatever to a non-liberty-loving anti-Paul Republican. If it ever came to such a choice, I would - and I would hope that all of Paul's supporters would as they would be doing what Paul always advocates, which is putting principle before party)

I am a Ron Paul Republican, as is evident from anything I've done and written over the last year (since I "came out" with my political views on a public platform) So how could I characterize Ron Paul Republicans as heartless, ignorant, selfish... and why would I insult my own? The claim is absurd. You're putting words in my mouth that I would never say - not just because they are factually wrong, but because I would never accuse someone of such awful motivations without extremely good reason.

You would never hear the likes of that from Ron Paul (nor would you hear a dig from him based on someone's nationality, by the way), so please don't invoke him in support of your post in the way you have.

That you refer to "Blue Democrats" suggests that you know nothing about my work or my position. The movement with which I am associated is called the "Blue Republicans"... referring merely to people who have not been Republican before, but who have become Republican to support Ron Paul and his message - which is, I hope, the same reason that everyone on this site, is a Republican.

If you don't know that, then you don't know the first thing about the political work I do. (I mean that literally - coining "Blue Republican" was the first thing I did of any importance in US politics, and people who know nothing else about me know that.)

You also misrepresent by using the term "infiltrated to bring liberty" . I wrote an article that coined a term to describe a group of people who were changing their party political registration. They did so AFTER they heard the liberty message from Ron Paul, a Republican, and they have done so very publicly. They didn't "infiltrate" to "bring liberty". Ron Paul and those who have supported him for much longer than I had already done that. You cannot bring something that has already been brought.

Finally, you say that I have rendered the rEVOLution as "just" a movement or idea. Again, factually incorrect. I have in many, many articles ( referred to Ron Paul's rEVOLution. In three cases, I have even put the term in the title. Of course, I think there is a "liberty movement" and "liberty ideas" too.

I don't know you at all except for your posts, so I cannot call your mischaracterizations deliberate attempts at deceit - but so many in such a short post that is filled with such vitriol is unusual. I am used to being criticized. But please do it accurately and even perhaps, like Ron Paul, by giving those with whom you disagree the benefit of the doubt. He is a good example for us not only in political thought, but also in manners.

You appear to be more concerned that we support the Republican party than we support the rEVOLution. Ron Paul, as he has said multiple times, is more concerned with his principles than party. His entire career shows he means it. I'm happy to pin my colors to his mast. Principle before party. And saying that does not take away from my belief that our best shot of winning is to remake the GOP, to which end I am actively working.