Comment: If you must misrepresent me to criticize me...

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If you must misrepresent me to criticize me...

... then you make my case for me.

Why don't you quote the sentences that immediately follow the ones you quoted from my post to which you refer.

(The article is here for anyone who'd like to read it

Here's the whole quote.


"I will enjoy a little tinge of British pride when I see the flags a-flying and the Queen a-waving -- a feeling not entirely dissimilar from that American pride I get when I pick up my Constitution or watch our nation's best and greatest speak with passion about the United States' founding ideals.

I've had to interrogate myself quite closely about that. After all, in the USA, I spend a great deal of time championing a political philosophy of liberty that was articulated in a sublime Constitution that was written in opposition to abuses by the same monarchy that the Brits will be celebrating next weekend. Indeed, as a passionate American Constitutionalist and activist of the liberty movement, one of my favorite Brits has to be Thomas Paine -- who did as much as any man to point up the absurdity of monarchy -- and of the love that the English apparently had for it."


I should say that you make an argument based on calling me "a leader", which I do not claim, and of being like royalty... which exists only in your mind. It certainly does not in mine.

But what made your comments most extraordinary was the fact that you have put me down based on an accident of my birth - the fact that I am British - and raised yourself based on an accident of yours: that you are one of a line of ancestors who have fought tyranny. I commend them, sir. But that line of argument is precisely the one that has justified monarchs through the ages:

"My genes/heritage/history is an unbroken line of resistors-by force of arms, at risk of life, limb and all things held dear if necessary-to all tyranny over the body, mind, heart and soul of humankind by other humankind."

None of this makes you a lover of liberty. It made them lovers of liberty. The question for you and me is surely, "What are we doing for liberty". I don't know who you are, but I will stand with you to fight for freedom - and I hope you would stand with me to fight for it too, whatever other differences we may have, whatever ancestry we have, and whatever nation we happened to be born in.

Surely, no liberty lover gives credit to a man's opinions or belittles them because of where he comes from - and especially not when that liberty lover, which I assume you are, hates monarchy, which is justified entirely on that principle.

For what it's worth, "bona fides" means "good faith". My point was that thinking someone is wrong is not a basis for questioning their good faith. When you call me a "conspirator" and such things, you are making an accusation - and it is not my good faith that is called into question in that case.

I would like to be fighting with you in the cause of liberty, not against you in an attempt to defend beliefs I don't have and things I have not done.