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"the national party did allow a Romney supporter in 2008 to not vote for Mccain on the first round even though he was "bound" to Mccain he cast his ballot for Romney."

The delegate in question was originally bound to Romney. Romney won all Utah delegates in 2008. When Romney dropped out, the Utah State Republican Party attempted to rebind all of its delegates to McCain, in violation of party rules. One delegate protested. The RNC intervened and agreed that the Utah GOP had no right to rebind a delegate. Thus, at the convention, the delegate was allowed to vote for Romney, to whom he was originally bound. This episode in no way suggests that all delegates are unbound.


What about the now-infamous letter from the RNC attorney?

The passage which is always quoted ("The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose") is not contained in the letter. Those words were not written by the RNC attorney.

However, she did write these words:

"During the debate on the “Unit Rule” amendment, there was some concern raised that the new language would be interpreted by some to prohibit the individual states from adopting rules that would bind or allocate delegates to specific candidates. The proponents, however, gave assurances that it was not their intention to effect
any “legal or “moral” obligation of the delegates. Based upon the concern raised that this provision would be *erroneously* read to prohibit states to bind or allocate delegates a concerted effort was made to defeat the amendment."

The entire letter can be found here:!/2012/05/rnc-counsel-on-rule-38-of-rnc-rules.html

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