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executive committee?

I think you become part of the county executive committee, right? and can affect things like who gets nominated the county chair, what they spend money on, who spends, how much, and a bunch of other stuff...

it matters from ground up who fills these spots and who has a majority

Have heard Many times, local long time republicans distance themselves from the National republican party. Less so the State party but still even then we're the County party and it's it's own animal in a sense.

If everyone in the local R building despised Romney for the right reasons, it'd be a fun place to hang out

If constitution party and libertarian party people and the like joined the local R parties, and joined the liberty-minded republicans in all these positions from precinct chair on up... the primary debates would be basically 8 Ron Pauls on stage. Variations for sure but all within the bounds intended and not just throwing away our sovereignty, sacrificing our humanity, enslaving our economic system, etc...

I think...