Comment: I would say on average, each

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I would say on average, each

I would say on average, each Radio 60 sec Radio spot costs betwee $30 to $50, and every 30 sec spot costs between $15 and $30.

It really depends on the station though. Some of the bigger networks with much higher listenership are more expensive.

We could easily spend another $10-$15,000 and not saturate the Radio Markets.

We've made ad buys in markets in Aberdeen, Yankton, Rapid City, Brookings, etc. We're in the process of making more tomorrow.
But if we raise another $10,000 we can call them all up and tell them to triple the rate of replay.

At this point we didn't raise enough money up front to do any TV, but honestly Radio gets more votes in a Rural conservative state.

So PLEASE. Help us out any way you can.


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