Comment: I wish someone could help me....

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I wish someone could help me....

Abortion is one of the most upsetting realities in this world to me. My daughter and son-in-law called to tell me the news of RP's vote against this bill and wanted my reaction. I've been promoting RP for a long time now but I've hated abortion even longer. I explained to them that RP's method of deciding how to vote on a bill is to look at the Constitution and if the subject of the bill being considered isn't addressed there, then RP votes "no".

This is the reasoning I've come to understand on why RP votes the way he does. I'm still upset and not at peace with this situation.

Looking forward to seeing Jesus and leaving this rotten, corrupt, evil, bloody world(no, I'm not contemplating suicide).

I welcome any responses, downvotes or whatever.