Comment: Unfortunately time still kills all its pupils.

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Unfortunately time still kills all its pupils.

Time, The Conquerer

Time may heal all wounds,
But time will steal you blind.

In a way yes. In a way no, since we never die.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes forms. Currently there is an energy form on earth called 'Michael Nystrom'. That energy form will age and subsequently change in strange and unpredictable ways at the hands of its teacher, Time.

Who knows what kinds of curve balls Time will throw my way. Maybe she'll try to bean me! (Lord knows she's already done it countless times.) Who knows what is coming down the pike for any of us.

As teacher Time molds and changes us, eventually we wear down and get rubbed out (literally). But that energy that is 'you' doesn't disappear. It disperses in the world, to different effects.

Look what happened when they killed Jesus, Gandhi and MLK. Look at what happened when the Buddah, and Mohammed died. Their energy was dispersed to the four corners of the earth.

And what about that most peculiar man? Even his energy is dispersed among us.

Time is definitely a patient teacher. She's got all the time in the world.

But the question still remains, what becomes of the consciousness entity 'Michael Nystrom.' We can all accept the Law of Conservation of Energy as it applies to physical matter. But what of consciousness? That begs the question - what is consciousness?

Most neuroscientists (if they have an opinion) believe that consciousness is an emergent quality of the physical structure of the brain. Did you ever see the movie Surrogates? Not the greatest Bruce Willis film, but worth it for the interesting concept. Kind of like a physical 'Facebook' in some respects.

Anyway. Back to your point and my counterpoint.

Time doesn't kill its pupils. It only appears to. Because in reality, we never die, and there is no such thing as time outside of the human mind. 'Time' is just a collective hallucination.

(in my opinion)(but that goes without saying)

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