Comment: I have read EVERY single comment on this post.

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I have read EVERY single comment on this post.

There are so many opinions! Has even one person witnessed and have been a victim of election fraud? I have in 2008 both in the primary and the general. Long story, but I have seen it with my own eyes. And as a recovering Neo-con at that time, I was too afraid to bring it to anyone's attention.

So many here are doing so many things for the campaign for Liberty & Paul's election. It is probably a good thing that everyone is focused in different areas. This way we can all have a different part in making things work. It's disappointing that people are knocking each other down for what they are doing. Everyone has a part and everyone is needed. What may seem to be a little part, may actually be the most valuable. For one doesn't really know.

Thank you everyone for making the DP what it is...a body of great people with different opinions and different ideas, but with the same common goal...FREEDOM! I haven't been on here as long as many of you, but the amount you all share, one can pick up a lot quickly! You guys are the best...all of you!